Saturday Linkage:


  1. Financial Independence Or Not, Work Will Never Stop (Accidental Fire); I agree – I think work will adapt to all the new technology, as it always have.
  2. 7 Common Money Arguments in Marriage — And How to Tackle Them Together ( It really is the #1 cause of arguments in marriage
  3. Save Like A Pessimist, Invest Like An Optimist (Collaborative Fund); I think this could be a motto for the FIRE community
  4. The Power of Financial Habits (Morningstar); Developing good habits is a major step towards achieving FI
  5. Designed to Part You with Your Money (Becoming Minimalist); The modern marketing system is frightening
  6. We All Have a Time Machine, it’s Disguised as NOW. (Financial Success MD); Take action now, appreciate now.
  7. How to build an investment portfolio for Long Term Returns (Banker on Wheels); Interesting investment allocation.
  8. Living Life To The Fullest: Future Self, Are You Listening? (Fire and Wide);
  9. The Mathematical Reason for Paying Down a Mortgage Early (Financial Pilgrimage); I truly believe this – once we paid off our mortgage and the world looked better!
  10. How (and Why) to Apply the KISS Principle to Your Finances (Practically Independent); If is is simple and easy, it is easier to follow and keep up.
  11. What Will Future Homes Look Like? Filmed in the 1960’s – Narrated by Walter Cronkite (YouTube); Really interesting – what they thought it was going to be like, in the middle of the space race.

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