Saturday Linkage:


  1. Growth Mindset: Investing in Change (Budget Life list);  Can you improve your life through self-study and effort?
  2. What is Stoicism and How Can it Turn your Life to Solid Gold? (Mr. Money Mustache); I’ve got this book, and find it excellent reading.
  3. The Best Free Resources to Start Investing (The Simple Dollar): Online, books & podcasts
  4. How to Graciously Pay a Restaurant Tab Without That Awkward, Fake Argument at the End (The Art of Manlines)
  5. April Progress Report (Just Baggage Enough); Nice sample of tracking your progress towards FI
  6. Collins on Crypto (JL Collins); One of the FI communities influencers gives his thoughts.
  7. The Right Change Mindset (Full time finance); Getting over our natural tendency to resist change
  8. Is It Harder For Young People to Get Rich Today? (A Wealth of Common Sense); I think it may be more difficult to get rich as fast as the past, but you can still get rich by following some basic rules.
  9. The Reality That Income Sometimes Goes Down (Fraidy Cat Finance); Sometimes you take a step back to then take two steps forward.
  10. How I Hit My 80,000 Chase Bonus in One Month (The Simple Dollar); Get those travel points now, since we’re starting to open up!
  11. Two Bets for the Next Decade (of Dollars and Data); bets on Crypto vs. S&P500 and Big Tech stocks vs. S&P500.

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