Saturday Linkage:


  1. To be more tech-savvy, borrow these strategies from the Amish (psyche); Excellent article about making conscious decisions on what Tech to use, and what not to.
  2. How Much House Can I Afford? (Simple Dollar); I still go by “The Millionaire Next Door” philosophy – don’t take out a home loan (i.e. house price – your down payment) for more that 2X your salary if you want to become wealthy.
  3. How to Help Loved Ones Financially (Morningstar); I always treat is as a gift, and assume I won’t get it back. Better that way.
  4. How to Sell Your House Yourself Without a Realtor (Well kept wallet); Not sure if I would do this – a good realtor does a lot of work for you.
  5. The home sales boom means you might end up renting (Recode); I always suggest you rent for at least a year when you move somewhere, so you can be sure of where you want to buy a home.
  6. Ten Tips for a Minimalist Wardrobe (Noisebar); While I am not a minimalist, I probably could stand to reduce my wardrobe some. I’ve got a lot of clothes I never wear.
  7. My $100 a month, 3000 calories a day food budget breakdown (Reddit); As you retire, you will find food becoming a major expense.
  8. How Do You Get Rich? Slowly, and Then Suddenly (Benlefort): Yep, that’s how it was with us.
  9. Why Coast FIRE should be the goal: an example (Financial Chain Breakers); Reach the point where you don’t have to save any more, just keep it where it is till retirement age.
  10. The real cost of owning a car (But Wait, there’s less); We still plan on owning, but then again, we have a 14 year old and an 11 year old car – with no signs of trading them in.
  11. Did HGTV Ruin the Housing Market For Millennials? (A Wealth of Common Sense); I used to be addicted to HGTV.

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