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  1. Will There Be a Buyer’s Housing Market in 2021? (The Simple Dollar); In my opinion – No.
  2. The Emergency Fund: It’s Still Useless! (Early Retirement Now); I disagree wholeheartedly – for many people, the emergency fund is a critical first step towards FI.
  3. 10 Steps to Make Sure You Have Enough Money to Retire (Retirement Manifesto); Step-by-step to confirm you’ll have enough.
  4. The Many Different Paths To Financial Independence (banker on fire); short summary of some common FI strategies.
  5. Is Now the Time To Cash Out Some Home Equity? (A wealth of common sense); Sure, go ahead and pull it out and spend it on vacations, jet skis, etc. Its not like your house can suddenly lose 50% of its value….
  6. What’s really important in life? How trade-offs help us decide (No More Weekdays); Interesting method ofr setting priorities.
  7. How to separate your self worth from your professional life (Tis but a moment); For my generation, this is a major danger.
  8. The Ideal Length Of Time To Own A Car Is Not Forever (Financial Samurai); I kinda disagree with this. I’ve owned four cars in my life, and drove two of them till they fell apart on the side of the road. I prefer to buy new, and then maintain them to last forever. Current pair of our cars are 14 and 11 years old.
  9. Has There Ever Been a Worse Time to Be a Homebuyer? (A wealth of Common Sense): I think the mid-1980s was pretty bad. The 1970s inflation had driven up the price of homes well past what folks could afford, and in order to tame inflation, the Fed jacked up interest rates to unbelievable numbers. We had a friend with an 18% loan rate!
  10. Simple Living is a Ton Better Than Complex Living (Filled with Money); All things in moderation – including simplicity.
  11. If Retiring at 30 is Scary, then Retiring at 60 is Terrifying (A Trip of a lifestyle); This assumes that, if things go bad, you can always get a new job at age 40 vs. trying to find a job at 70.

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