Saturday Linkage:


  1. Where Would You Rather Be A Digital Nomad? Tuscany, Italy Or Jacksonville, Florida (Costa Rica FIRE); Geo-arbitrage can take you a long way towards FIRE.  
  2. Best EVER Offer on Chase Sapphire Preferred: Our Top Recommended Card (Travel Miles 101); For those who like to play the credit card awards game.
  3. Roth IRA Basics: 11 Things You Must Know (Kiplingers)
  4. Retiring early on $500,000 (Early Retirement Extreme); Originally posted in 2009, he goes through his investments and cash flow strategy once retired.
  5. The 15 Best Real Estate Investing Strategies (Coach Carson); For those interested in it. I’d like to get into it, haven’t had the chance yet.
  6. Styling Life (Paul Sellers); Musings from a woodworker with over 40+ years of hand tool and teaching experience.
  7. 11 Best Monthly Dividend Stocks and Funds to Buy (Kiplingers); Some significant yields, as much as 8% – mostly from REITS. 21
  8. The top 5 ways I was able to reach a mid-6 Figure Net worth (Life Outside the Maze); Some fairly basic, some not so much – good read.
  9. The Power of Pocket Pads (Art of Manliness); I’ve almost always got my binder to take notes.
  10. Financial Hygiene: Clean the Green (Budget Life List); The things she does on a regular basis to “clean” her financial life and keep on track
  11. Collins on Crypto (JL Collins); I’m not a fan – it really is just speculating, not investing.

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