Saturday Linkage:


  1. A Project of One’s Own (Paul Graham); One of the worries of FiRE is you lose your motivation. Having your own projects post-FIRE is key to your long term happiness.
  2. 5 Things I Started Automating That Drastically Reduced My Stress (the Financial Diet); Automating my investing and bill paying was extremely helpful.
  3. Google will show employees how their pay may change if they move offices (Cnet); This is probably one of the most significant changes to worker location since the great depression.
  4. Forty Life Lessons from 40 years (the Minimalist); Ten years after writing (30 lessons in 30 years” he’s back with an update.
  5. Personal Finance is not Just About the Math (fire bird finance); Lifestyle is a big point.
  6. How much cash flow do you need to change your life? (The Darwin Doctor); Even a small amount of cash flow can change your perspective
  7. Side Hustle Statistics 2021: The Increasing Number of People Starting Side Hustles (like to Dabble);
  8. 4 Action Steps to Make Your Dream of Retiring Early a Reality (Moneying): Fairly basic for FIRE folks, but they are critical.
  9. Want an extra $900K? Take a Walk (Rich Frugal Life); staying in shape and watching your health will definitely help you as you retire
  10. Benefits Of Not Buying That Expensive And Unnecessary Thing (Accidental Fire); You don’t need to be extremely frugal – you just need to be focused in your purchasing choices.
  11. Index Funds’ Voting Power (And What to Do About It?) (Oblivious Investor); Index funds have a lot of voting power for companies. Is this a problem?

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