Saturday Linkage:


  1. Extreme frugality: Putting food by. (Donna Freedman); we do a little gardening, but no canning. WE do keep 2-4 weeks of food in the house.
  2. How to Build Financial Flexibility Into Your Life (Wallet Hacks): I believe Flexibility is a key part of your FI plan in the years ahead!
  3. Why The Housing Market Won’t Crash Any Time Soon (Financial Samurai); While I agree with most of his points, I also think real estate is local, and there will be some crashes in local markets, especially in the cities.
  4. If You’re Still Worried, You Aren’t Wealthy (A Wealth of Common Sense) I am a worry wart, so I don’t think I’ll every be serene here. Still, there are too many variables here to be completely calm going into retirement.
  5. Flip of a coin: How I decided to own a $250K 401K vs. a $250K mortgage  (Greenbacks magnet); There are a lot of variables and decisions. It really is a personal decision. I know I felt a “great weight” lifted when I paid off my mortgage.
  6. The problem with retiring early now (His Her Money Guide): Always an issue with “pulling the trigger”
  7. 5 Things I Started Automating That Drastically Reduced My Stress (the Financial Diet) Excellent advice to automate certain items in your life.
  8. How Much Do You Need to Be Financially Independent? (Of Dollars and Data); The eternal FI question.
  9. The SALT Deduction Limit (Go Curry Cracker); Tax benefits and penalties due to the reduction of deductions – and potential changes in 2022.
  10. Frugal Fatigue 2021 (Retire by 40); I think that is an issue a lot of folks struggle with . They build a very austere budget, and then have trouble sticking with it.
  11. How to Ask for a Raise: 9 Steps for Making More Money (Think Save Retire); Increasing your income is a great way to decrease the time necessary to hit FI

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