Saturday Linkage:


  1. What Does It Mean to Live A Rich Life? (Financially Balanced); There are a lot more things in life than just dollars.
  2. When the 80/20 Rule Fails: The Downside of Being Effective (James Clear); The potential downside of the 80/20 rule
  3. Will the post-Covid world include a 4-day workweek? (CNBC); There used to be a time with a 6-day, 12-hour workweek. We will see…
  4. It is Better to Donate than Resell (Becoming Minimalist); We tend to donate
  5. Coming Soon: The Allocator’s Edge (BPS and Pieces); Interesting book about alternative investments
  6. Why the first $100,000 is the Hardest – and advice to make it easier (Mr. Free at 33). I would also add that the first $1Million is hardest, and its easier as it goes.
  7. Home Bias and the Best Time to Diversify (Compound Advisors) Sound advice
  8. Who’s Driving Up Home Prices? (The Irrelevant Investor); I think its Aliens…
  9. 6 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in the Stock Market (Invested Wallet); For those just starting out.
  10. Rethinking the big financial killers (Financial chain Breakers); You need to be a conscious spender. Splurge on the things that matter, don’t spend much on things that don’t mean much to you
  11. Benefits Of Pursuing Financial Independence (Money Gremlin) It demands that you be different

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