Saturday Linkage:


  1. You don’t know what you don’t know (Early Retirement Extreme); Ways to deal with a lack of knowledge about a subject
  2. Social Security Benefits COLA Likely to Be Largest in Decades (Kiplingers); Inflation is here. – but how much?
  3. Using Strengths and Positions of Strength (life outside the maze); What strengths do you have, and how can you use them to better your life?
  4. How to Make Coffee Like a Civil War Soldier (art of Manliness) An important skill to have !
  5. Some Fascinating Retirement Statistics (Retirement Manifesto) Some of these are somewhat disturbing  – like 51% of baby boomers are still paying on their mortgage.
  6. Our Travel Perks Are Drying Up and That’s Big $$$! (Route to Retire) What do you do when the travel perks you built up for years dry up?
  7. Playing With House Money (Go Curry Cracker); Trying to buy a house in today’s market
  8. How to Die with Zero (ESI Money) Using various strategies to die with $0  – but have sufficient money throughout your life to enjoy it.
  9. Why Trying to Quit My Job (Sort of) Made It Better (Clipping Chains); Sometimes companies don’t realize your value until you state your intention to leave
  10. Attention Is The Cash Value Of Time (Tony Isola) Interesting viewpoint.
  11. 2 Keys to Staying Mentally Sharp as You Age (Art of Manliness); For those of us approaching retirement, this is important.

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