Saturday Linkage:


  1. Pockets that Surprise Us (Paul Sellers) Nice post on the wonders of engineered design
  2. Three Essential Books for Understanding Our Disorienting Modern World (the Art of Manliness); Look good – I’m going to have to check these out.
  3. A Better Alternative to Resolutions and Goals (Mad Fientist)
  4. Attract Money by Creating Value for a Specific Audience (Four Pillar Finance); You’re your Niche, and then exploit it.
  5. The Fall from Upper to Middle Class (Budget Life List); Not a sad story, actually
  6. Tips for the Road #3 – Camping (Othalafehu); The third in his series of random survival tips
  7. We offered to buy a home for $128,000 over list — but it wasn’t enough! (Get Rich Slowly); Sign of the times
  8. The Fragility of Life (Retirement Manifesto); A Sad tale of how things can quickly end
  9. A Travel Trick for Last-Minute Delayed or Canceled Flights (Route to Retire); Cute idea for when your travel plans take a detour
  10. What’s worse than paying taxes? Paying tax penalties (Go Curry Cracker); Tips to avoid getting on the wrong side of the IRS
  11. How to win in Socialist America (Freedom is Groovy); Basic tips to survive, many of which are timeless no matter what the political situation

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