Saturday Linkage:


  1. Huge List of Awesome Retirement Activities (ESI Money); A lot of good ideas
  2. Are You Worth More Than You Earned? (Retire by 40) A key measure of financial independence
  3. Inflation vs. Wages (A Wealth of Common Sense); Inflation is coming. Be ready for it
  4. Preparing For A 50-Year Retirement With Vanguard’s New Return Assumptions (Financial Samurai) Vanguard’s assumptions are significantly lower than the past (4.02% for stocks, 1.3% for bonds, 1.58% inflation)
  5. Why I Took Money out of My House (The Irrelevant Investor); I disagree with this, I plan on holding onto my equity
  6. Create a Wealth Building Machine by Automating Your Finances (Mr. Money Wizard); 
  7. Ignore All Predictions: Investing, Economics, Weather, and Everything Else (Practically Independent); Predictions are often not worth the paper they are written on
  8. Living Paycheck To Paycheck… On Purpose (Impersonal Finances); Using an interesting technique to practice frugality
  9. 31 Simple Investment Rules – With Supporting Data (Dividend Earner); Some basic, some new
  10. Estate Planning for Your Pets (ESI Money); A key point for anyone in their estate planning – take care of your Pets!
  11. Is the Necktie Obsolete? (Art of Manliness); Yes, it is.

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