Saturday Linkage:


  1. 3 Free Happiness Hacks (Budget Life List) Simple but great ideas
  2. We Don’t Need More Money… But I Want It! (Route to Retire) The fear of most folks that retire early – we always want a bigger safety cushion.
  3. Private Lending v. Rentals – What Is The Better Real Estate Investment? (Costa Rica Fire): I know I’m using REITS right now, though still looking at direct investing at some point.
  4. The danger of outgrowing your lifestyle (Early Retirement Extreme); Discussion on lifestyle progression as you age.
  5. New Commission! Custom Table top (TKD Woodworking): More work at the shop.
  6. Benefits of Meal Prepping and How to Start (Women who Money) One of the best ways to reduce your food budget and eat healthier!
  7. 9 Questions to Ask Aging Parents About Their Finances (Kiplingers); For those of us in the “Sandwich Generation”
  8. Use Technology Like the Amish (Art of Manliness); Interesting article for those of us who want to reduce our dependency on new Tech
  9. Estate Planning 101 — The Simple Path to an Estate Plan (JL Collins)
  10. Too Much Time After Retirement? (Retire by 40); One of my biggest fears – retire with nothing to do
  11. Lake Time! (Reflections around the campfire); People are getting out and camping/RVing!

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