Saturday Linkage:


  1.  Who is the Wealthiest Generation? (Economist Writing Every Day) If you measure it per Capita/per person, the answer is going to surprise you!
  2. I hustled like mad in my 20s. Here’s what it cost me. (Woke Salary Man); Cute comic strip display of first principles.
  3. Play the Hand You’re Dealt To Live the Life You Dream (route to Retire); Life isn’t fair, but we can all do the best we can with the cards we are dealt.
  4. 2 Years of FIRE: Life After an Early Exit From Medicine (Physician on Fire); Interesting tales from someone who took the first step out
  5. On Time, Money and Health (Today Purpose); You can’t just save for the future – you have to take the opportunity now to live. Don’t wait till you have “retired”
  6. Tracking Spending: A Foundational Skill of Personal Finance (Managing FI)
  7. Everything is going up? (Irrelevant Investor); Not everything is going up in this market – some surprises!
  8. Not Wanting Something Is as Good as Having It (Four Pillar Finance); A truism
  9. The Returns of Rental Real Estate vs. Stocks (Mindfully Investing) When you add in capital appreciation and rent increases, rental real estate is close since 1928
  10. Fifteen good money habits to adopt today (I Heart Frugal)
  11. The Myth Of Diversification – And Why It Means It’s Okay To Take Chances (Financial Panther) I think I’m a little more conservative than him, but I am 57 years old now /

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