Saturday Linkage:


  1. Stop saving for retirement. Start saving for financial independence (Dividend Strategy); This should be the anthem of the FI community
  2. What Would Happen If We Slowed Down? (Cal Newport); How much would it hurt you professionally if your worked 20% less that you had time, instead of the typical 20% more?  
  3. The Everything Bubble (Blog FTX); Everything seems to be up!
  4. What Has the Stock Market Taught Us Since 2010?(A Wealth of Common Sense)
  5. If The Fed Steps Back, Do Yields Step Up? (Brinker Capital); That which can’t go on – won’t.
  6. Replacing “have to” with “get to” (5AM Joel); Simple switch of perspective and mindset
  7. Compounding – The Eighth Wonder of the World (FiResearch)
  8. Turning 50: Rethinking My Perfect Day (Costarica fire); Interestingyou’re your priorities change as you get older
  9. The Great Resignation: Millions Are Quitting, Should You? (Money Under 30); Interesting as this is happening at the same time as vaccine “mandates.” This is going to squeeze companies very hard.
  10. Ask People What They Do, They Might Surprise You (Financial Samurai)
  11. 4 Bad Habits That Lead to Late Nights (Budget Life List); Watch your health!

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