Saturday Linkage

June 20, 2020

  1. Building a Dream (Retirement Manifesto): The two of them are retired and starting to build a dream workshop. Thoughts on pursuing your dreams.
  2. What’s your magic number? (Rational Walk); Good discussion on your “number” and the costs and benefits of achieving it, as well as potential timelines.
  3. Emotional Benefits of Gardening (Princeton Environmental Institute)
  4. How to start a simple garden (Simple Dollar); Basic steps to get started in a small space (even a windowsill in your home!)
  5. Divided by a common drawdown dilemma (Monevator); Interesting discussion on the concept of living off dividends/interest vs. selling off capital gains as a method of paying for retirement.
  6. Married to a selfish husband (one frugal girl); issues when one is s spender and the other is a saver. How do you work that out?
  7. How to get a fantastic deal on a new car (clipping chains); Methods to improve the amount you pay for a new car.
  8. Slow Down…FIRE is not a race (Budgets are sexy); Gentle reminder that you need to live life as well as save for FI.
  9. Life Insurance in Early Retirement – cancel or keep it? (Route to Retire). Good article on the pluses and minuses of keeping insurance even if you’ve achieve FIRE
  10. How to Make money blogging (Think, save, retire); article goes through ways to monetize your blogging experience.
  11. Everything is back to normal (slightly early retirement); how things are going in one of the states which has opened back up after Covid.
  12. Return to Normal? Not exactly (Slowly Sipping Coffee); Interesting list of changes to his life after retiring early. Its not all Roses and Ice Cream.
  13. The Value of Free speech (Retirement Manifesto); In these times, its important to speak out about these kind of topics, rather than let folks be silenced

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