Saturday Linkage:


  1. Financial Advisor Licenses and Designations (Oblivious Investor); For those thinking of getting professional assistance in their FI journey
  2.  Introducing The 90/10 Rule of Retirement (Retirement Manifesto); Its true- you spend 90% of your pre-FI time worrying about money, and only 10% of your post-FI time worrying about it.
  3. The Truth About Those Dollar Stores (Consumer Reports)
  4. What to do in the case of sustained Inflation (GMO); See, I’m not the only one worried about it
  5. How a $500 Monthly Allowance Saved Our Marriage (Slate); We worked with a “his money, her money, our money” way of budgeting for years.
  6. RV Dealerships Think New Campers Are Pieces Of Junk, Too (Jalopink) Well, there goes my dreams of the “van life”
  7. Scraping By? (Humble Dollar); Some shocking numbers of folks who make $50K – $100K just “scraping by”.
  8. Using Domestic Geoarbitrage to Retire Sooner (Can I retire yet) A very good strategy, if you can afford to move away from family & friends
  9. Real Estate Nightmares: Benefit From My Mistakes (Cananomics) So its not just the US, Canada is a mess as well
  10. Is Minimalism Over?…or is it Ramping up for a Major Resurgence? (Meg Nordmann)
  11. Sovereign Default, the Debt Ceiling, and the $1 Trillion Coin (Lyn Alden) Not sure it will every happen, but we are spending like “drunken sailors” in the US

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