Saturday Linkage:


  1. The Mutual Fund that Ate Wall Street (WSJ) Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Fund, a FIRE favorite, has $1.3Trillion (!) in assets.
  2. We only ever Talk about the Third attack on Pearl Harbor (But For what); Folks in the US Navy staged similar attacks twice in the 1930s – but they weren’t listened to.
  3. Selling Everything We Owned Has Been Truly Liberating (Route to Retire) Mrs. 39 Months would never go for this
  4. Why Rich People Avoid Consumerism (Darius Faroux) Marketing has made folks crazy trying to keep up with the joneses
  5. Average Income by State (DQYDJ Interesting data! We’re well above the median, but no where near the top 1%
  6. Money Mantras to Transform your Money Mindset (Funding Cloud Nine)
  7. 25 Days of Christmas – Cheap Christmas Activities For the Whole Family (My Debt Epiphany)
  8. Its Having Friends Not money that makes you Rich  (Evidence Investor) As I’ve gotten older, I realize this more and more
  9. 11 Ways to save money at Christmas (Kaybee Lives) Don’t overindulge at Yuletide
  10. Earning an Easy $250+ with Uber Eats  (Go Curry Cracker) The Gig economy has been a great development for a lot of people, including retirees
  11. How to Stay the Course to Financial Independence  (Retire by 40)

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