Saturday Linkage

June 27, 2020

  1. I quit my job at the start of the pandemic to launch a company. Here’s what I’ve learned in the first 90 days. (The Profile)
  2. Robinhood increases guardrails on options trading in the wake of a customer suicide (CNBC); How does a 20-year old get access to funds to accumulate $730K of losses?
  3. Consumer Addiction and 5 Ways to Beat It (Physician on Fire); Ways to keep from spending on consumer goods.
  4. What’s dragging down your beloved VTSAX? (Freddy Midlap). Discusson of the financial and energy sectors effect on the index.
  5. How to turn your side hustle into passive income (Budgets are Sexy):
  6. When your Money makes more Money than you (Banker of Fire): As you move on in your FI journey, eventually you hit this point – and that is when you know you are getting close.
  7. Is the Stock Market going to Crash? (The retirement manifesto); Short answer – yes! The market goes up & down, sometimes violently. Prepare for it.
  8. Roth 401K vs 401K – which is better (of dollars and data); Good analysis. My vote is for the Roth 401K.
  9. How much will you lose if bond prices fall? (And what if they rise?) (Monevator); Interesting analysis. I’ve started to rethink my allocation in bonds, and this reinforces my thoughts.
  10. What I wish I knew (1500 days); common lament of folks who found the FIRE movement later in life – the time wasted!

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