Saturday Linkage


  1. Joining a Cult: The Financial Independence Counterculture (the physician Philosopher); One of us, one of us…
  2. Slow down … FIRE is not a race (Budgets are Sexy); Goes over the concept of “Coast FIRE” where you reach a point that you don’t have to continue to contribute to your retirement accounts, and eventually you will ge there. So do work you enjoy that just pays the current bills.
  3. My Thoughts on the “Passive Investing Bubble” (Early Retirement Now); Could all the folks investing in the S&P500 be creating a bubble?
  4. The Complete Guide to Withdrawing Funds Early From Your 401(k), IRA and Roth IRA  (MinaFI): Good discussion on ways for folks to access their retirement accounts prior to 59-1/2.
  5. Debt Freedom Doesn’t equal wealth (Budgetnistablog); It’s a step along the path
  6. States Without Income Tax: Is There a Benefit to Moving?  (you be three); States have to make their money somehow – so depending on your stage in life, the different states tax codes can help or hinder you.
  7. The Paradox of Thrift While Choosing Financial Independence  (medimentary); People save for a future purchase, an experience, or to maintain a certain lifestyle in the future.
  8. 15 Deep Insights about Death to Understand the Meaning of Life & Live Fully Alive  ( Some interesting observations, brought on by the death of a beloved pet.
  9. The Bear Market in Happiness  (a wealth of common sense); Common sense thoughts on finding happiness, especially in the age of Chinese Covid-19
  10. Five Milestones You Must Reach Before You Retire  (Retirement Manifesto); Some key things you must know/have done before you can be ready to retire.

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