Saturday Linkage – a little late

Sorry its a little late. I got tied up with some major yard work over the weekend (with a lot of poison ivy) so didn’t get to this. Enjoy!

  1. Short-Term vs. Long-Term Financial Solutions (The Simple Dollar); Some are quick hits, some help you play the “long game.”
  2. Milestone reached: Early retirement phase (Leisure Freak); Good discussions on the ages phases of retirement and how they have budgeted and drawn down their money for each phase
  3. Comparing Median Incomes And Home Values Across America (Accidental Fire); In case you are interested in permanently working from home and cutting your costs
  4. Things I learned while taking a sabbatical (Budgets are Sexy); What a lot of us are interested in – taking some extended time off, but not necessarily “checking out” of work
  5. Don’t stop investing during a Recession (Retire by 40); Dollar cost averaging rules the roost, and you should take advantage of stocks “on sale”
  6. Who is driving the stock market (Irrelevant Investor); In line with what I’ve discussed, the fed injecting money, a lot of speculation, and the Chinese Flue not being as severe as originally thought.
  7. The Fixed Income Conundrum (Retirement Field Guide); Treasuries low, dividend in danger, savings not paying. How do we create a stream of income?
  8. US Fund Managers flopped in the Crisis (Evidence Investor). To nobody’s surprise, even in times of crisis, active managers underperform the market (i.e. index funds).

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