Saturday Linkage: Bill Bingen revisits the 4% rule


  1. Bill Bingen revisits the 4% rule (FA-Mag); Excellent deep analysis on potential changes to the rule, based on updated data and market analysis over the last 20+ years.
  2. Is the 4% safe withdrawal rate obsolete (Can I retire yet): Good history of how the 4% rule came into effect, and what research has changed the thoughts around it.
  3. How my Investments have changed after reaching FI (Physician on Fire); Some interesting notes on how he has diversified his investments now that he has hit his “number.”
  4. How to waste your career one comfortable year at a time (Valley Girl Newsletter); For those of us still on the treadmill
  5. How to live like you are already retired (Incognito money):
  6. Best Online lenders (the simple dollar); If you are looking to improve the home, etc.
  7. Even a crystal ball won’t help (Evidence Investor); In the in the context of investing, having a crystal ball is overrated.
  8. What to make of 3rd Qtr GDP numbers (early retirement now); Still not back to where we were, but it’s a great bump back up!
  9. The destruction of Value (banker on fire); some discussion on why growth stocks have beaten value stocks over the last 10+ years. e
  10. How to live your values (City Frugal); Often we are out of sync with our values. It benefits us to reflect on them on occasion and take steps to get back in alignment.

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