Saturday Links

July 18, 2020

  1. What I learned about myself after taking an investment loss (Costa Rica fire); thirty-three lesson about what they did wrong, and what they did to fix it.
  2. Perceived Safety of Bonds (Retirement Field Guide); Good explanation of how bonds aren’t really that safe, especially as inflation rears its ugly head.
  3. Retirement needs Stimulation (Cracking Retirement); The Chinese Covid virus has exposed the need to have friends, hobbies and stimulation once you retire.
  4. Summer vacation in the pandemic Area (retire by 40); Some ideas, primarily focused on road travel vs. air.
  5. Roth IRA conversion calculator (dqydj); Nice tool to show if you should convert, and how to do it.
  6. NVR BORD (The Retirement Manifesto); Very cute.
  7. Its OK to spend your savings (she picks up pennies); Another article that supports the idea that life is for living – don’t spend all your time being frugal – enjoy the journey along the way.
  8. My four goals (the humble dollar); good article on someone approaching retirement, and the goals they have for their money as they “ease into” retirement.
  9. How Rich people go broke (A Wealth of common sense); How do folks like Robert DeNiro lose all their money? What are the mistakes rich people make that cause them to lose it?
  10. The Most Vulnerable Cities (The Irrelevant Investor); The difference between having businesses that need employees on site vs. work that can be done remotely. Also, the variety of businesses vs. “one trick pony” cities.

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