Status Update – Aug 1, 2018

Yeah, I am back “in the black” for the year!

After six months of struggle (the floor fell out in February 2018) I have finally moved back into the black for the year. Overall, I am up 0.7%. A far cry from the 19% of 2017, but at least I am profitable. All we have to do is keep this level up and I might be close to 8% for the year. Fingers crossed!

Retirement Accounts: Remember, my allocation for these is:

  • 30% Bond Index Fund
  • 17.5% S&P500 Index Fund
  • 17.5% International Index Fund
  • 17.5% Small Cap Index Fund
  • 17.5% REIT Index Fund

I ended up being about 1.5% up here for July, so they have continued steady increases for a while now. I re-balanced at the beginning of the month, so I sold some winners and bought some losers. S&P500, US small cap and International did well. Bonds and REITS stayed even/lost a little.  Note that these returns include reinvesting dividends.

My 401K/Deferred account at work was up 3.1% for July, after re-balancing. Remember that this account doesn’t have REITs, so it benefits more than above when REITs drop (but doesn’t do as well when REITs surge).

Dividend Income Account: Allocation:

  • 25% Dividend Stocks
  • 25% REITs
  • 50% Bond Index Funds

This account dropped -1.6% for the month, primarily due to drops in bond index funds (though Cisco and the REITs were also down a bit). This account was better earlier in the year. Overall, its sending me dividends, but not growing much.

Value Investing Account: Allocation (remember I refocused this at the beginning of February):

  • 40% in individual value stocks I picked myself (2 each, 20% for each) – SBS and GILD
  • 20% USAA Market Index (my brokerage is USAA)
  • 40% in Vanguard Value Index fund

This was the surprise. For those who have been following, my “fun money” account has been getting savaged this year. I have bemoaned my inability to pick stocks. Well, we had a minor turnaround in July (Cia Saneamento up 11.5%, Gilead up 9.9%) so the overall value was up 6.8% for July. Still way down for the year, so I still think my stock picking ability has not shown out.

Overall, an up month. Let’s hope we can keep this momentum going for the rest of the year, so we can rescue this one.

How did you do in July?


Mr. 39 Months

2 thoughts on “Status Update – Aug 1, 2018”

  1. Congratulations on being in the green for the year!

    Are you still on track to retire in 39 months as planned? It would be nice to see an update on this in your monthly posts.

    July was another record month for me. If you’re interested in the details I just posted a detailed update on my Blog. Feel free to swing by 🙂

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