Taking time to smell the roses II – Portland OR

Again, one of the key points of FIRE that I agree with is the idea of not putting off things you want to do today, just to try to achieve FI earlier. It leads to a sense of deprivation which often can make the individual (or family) stop pursuing FI and falling back into their old habits. Yes, save as much money as you can, but also try to enjoy life as you go through it. We only go this way once (if you agree with Western philosophy) so you should work to enjoy every day.

Just ask the Stoics about that: “Were you to live three thousand years, or even a countless multiple of that, keep in mind that no one ever loses a life other than the one they are living, and no one ever lives a life other than the one they are losing. The longest and shortest life, then, amount to the same, for the present moment lasts the same for all and is all anyone possesses. NO one can lose either the past or the future, for how can someone be deprived of what’s not theirs.” Marcus Aurelius

One of the places Mrs. 39 Months likes is Portland, OR. As noted in a previous post, we took the opportunity to see a couple of national parks and then headed to Portland so she could take a class on one of her hobbies – making leather shoes. A 4-day course where, at the end, she’ll have a pair of boots once she is done. We also took the opportunity to do some travel hacking (more on that in a future post).

I took the opportunity to run around Portland and see some of the sites. The city boasts the largest number of brew pubs and coffee bars of any city in the US (supposedly). The drive up the Columbia River was gorgeous, with lots of information on the various dams on the rivers (there are 11) which have helped tame it, while allowing the salmon to continue to climb up it and spawn. The drive ended about 100 miles up, with a remake of Stonehenge, which was made to commemorate the dead of the county in the state of Washington in WW One. Pretty cool.

In the city, every Saturday, they have the craft market down by the river. Last Saturday, they also had the first annual “doggy dash” to raise money for animals care. The market has all sorts of vendors, as well as excellent food.

We had a great time, even after I came down a little sick the last couple of days, and we’ll always have this trip together.

And here are the shoes!



Mr. 39 Months

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