The Journey/Struggle is half the fun….

The other day I was going into a local BJ’s store (a mass marketing store that is membership only – you can buy items in bulk for significant savings). It turned out it was time to “re-up” our membership, so I had to take out my membership card to get a number in order to do it. In looking at it, I was struck by the picture on the back. There, grinning back at my was my early 30’s self, with a big shock of dark hair, and not too many lines on his face.

I thought about my life at that time (recently left the military, just starting out in logistics job, a home and mortgage that was almost 4x my take home pay, etc.) There were going to be a lot of struggles ahead, a lot of stress and tension, and a lot of decisions that, for good or ill, were going to shape my life. How interesting to look at that face, and know now, what I didn’t know then. How much better would I have done if I had adopted some of those lessons (especially FIRE lessons) back in the early 1990s.

Recently I’ve learned that one of my nieces is in a lot of debt. I have thought about assisting (with the approval of her Mom, beforehand) but I’m holding back. Part of it is the knowledge that if we just give funds, she’ll wind up in the same spot. Part of it is the notes above – the journey /struggle in life is part of the purpose. There are lessons to be learned, experiences to be had, and things to do that, if someone steps in, you might not gain. These may end up biting you on the butt later on.

One of the benefits of the FIRE community is the sharing that folks do, the lessons they’ve learned that they want others to benefit from. I do a lot of reading, both online and through books, just to try to gain the lessons from others. Still, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think I would trade any of the lesson’s I’ve learned in – they have made me who I am. If I had to tell my younger self anything, it would be that “It’s all going to work out OK, in the end.”

I hope its working out well for all of you

Mr. 39 Months

2 thoughts on “The Journey/Struggle is half the fun….”

  1. Agree that the journey is as much or more fun than the destination. Living in a very Type A city (New York) I find that too many people don’t savor the destination enough and focus, even brag, about the journey. It’s a workaholic place that idolizes the hustle, and I have had to relearn how to slow down and know when I’ve arrived and when enough is enough. It’s what I appreciate most about the slower, FIRE lifestyle.

    1. My brother lived in NYC for 5 years (2007-2012) and said the same thing. I’ve lived in New Jersey for 27 years, and while I’ve traveled to NYC many times, I still have issues with the “energy” of the place. Just a little too frantic for me.

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