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I have been detailing all the work I have been doing in setting up/building my TKD Woodworking “side hustle.” My thought was to help others who are considering creating their own businesses see some of the steps involved and consider it in their planning. My goal for the business was to generate a little extra incomes, but mostly to work through the processes and tracking necessary for running a business. Sort of a small, personal MBA program.

One of the questions I have had is how to market my product (wood articles like cutting boards, picture frames, bookshelves, etc.). Obviously, I could depend strictly on farmer’s markets & craft fairs, but I also wanted to try out marketing and selling on the internet. A possibility for this would be to sell on Etsy or EBay (or other online retailers). While these companies make it relatively easy to setup, the ability to sell would be enhanced if I had my own web presence as well. Hence, my desire to create a website.

  • To begin with, you need to research and register a domain name (the www. Name). There are many companies you can use to do this, and typically, it costs $10-$20/year.
  • Next, you need to get a company to “host” your website (i.e. store your information on their servers). Think names like, etc. (you can search on the internet for a variety of companies). Most folks also use this service to also register their domain. Look for a company that can assist you in building your website. Depending on services required, this can cost around $100/year
  • Once you have this, you can begin building it, with the method you choose to use. There are numerous books, articles, YouTube videos, etc. on building websites.

Therefore, I have chosen Blue Host to host my website, and I am building my website with WordPress (which is used for a wide variety of websites). I have gotten a book, watched several videos, and I am slowly slogging through it. There is always the possibility of paying for assistance as well, since there are many folks advertising this assistance (something I might take up later).

In the meantime, thanks for those who have stopped by Please let me know what you think, and ways to improve the experience.

Stay healthy!

Mr. 39 Months

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