TKD Woodworking gets its first Commission!

I wrote earlier about going to my first farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago. While I didn’t sell a lot, I learned a lot and got some ideas on what sells and what might not, and how to better market my material. I also had a great time talking to the other merchants, getting some insights, and discussing their crafts and food.

One of the merchants there sold wreaths, make up of greenery, ribbons and other materials. In talking with her, she expressed an interest in whether I do work commissioned by people. When I said that I did, she told me that she needed to get a small storage rack to store her ribbons in her craft room. Her current method doesn’t work well – its very disorganized.

After discussion of what she wanted, I drew up a mockup of it. She looked at it and approved (with a few changes). From there, I was able to finalize the design, determine the materials, and estimate the amount of labor it would take to build (I was helped in this by all the time studies that I had previously done). For this first one, I didn’t add any overhead – just my hourly rate + materials. I thought it was good to start it this way for my first one.

So this weekend, my intention is to build this and apply finish, and really try to complete it. That way, I can deliver it before my next time at the farmer’s market. If all goes well, I’ll see her there, and she can sing my praises to the other vendors and customers.

Wish me luck!

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