TKD Woodworking is “Open for Business”

Going on Etsy for TKD Woodworking      

Well, I’ve gone through a lot of steps to prepare for selling my product as part of a side hustle

As per my planned timeline, its time to put my product online and begin selling. I started with Etsy, going online with my store on July 9th . I’ve got four (4) items in the store (two cutting boards, two picture frames) and I’m working on a fifth (tea box). So far, no sales (its been a week, and competition on Etsy is pretty fierce), but we’ll see.

Getting setup on Etsy isn’t hard and the costs are fairly moderate to market online. Unfortunately, the Chinese Corona Virus has put a “crimp” on any craft shows I might have been able to attend. We will see how this goes.

Overall, a positive step, in my opinion.

Hope things are going well with your plans for the second half of 2020.

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