TKD Woodworking makes its first sale!

I’ve written several articles on starting up a side hustle with my woodworking (see in  “Categories” on the right). The primary reason was to start doing finance books similar to those for running a small business, with cash flow, balance sheets, etc. I’ve enjoyed the work, and its opened my eyes a great deal to the benefits and issues of running my own business.

Well, part of any business is sales, and I had the opportunity to work at a local Farmer’s Market and sell my wares last weekend. I wasn’t scheduled to do this till July 31st, but they had an opening and were looking for someone to fill it. So I did.

Depending on your outlook, it was either a very poor or a very good day. Poor in that I only sold one item (a Japanese style picture frame for $76). Good in that I was able to run through my setup, process a sale with a credit card, and learn some marketing lessons to prepare me for the two weeks I am scheduled to attend (July 31 and late September). My wife and some friends dropped by to also observe and provide some of their own thoughts on how to improve.

Some of the points that were talked about were:

  1. For the tea boxes, open one up and put in costume jewelry, to show alternate uses
  2. More informative signage, including items like:
    1. Veteran owned & operated
    2. Handmade/Handcrafted
    3. Premium Hardwood (Oak, etc.)
    4. Made Locally
  3. Add verticality to displays
  4. Signage on bookshelves, noting that it is easily disassembled
  5. Vinyl banner
  6. Cutting board holder to store more, and note “end grain construction, hardwood durability but easier on knives
  7. Other items that are lower costs ($20 and $30 items)
  8. Business card holders

My thoughts are this is that it was an excellent “dry run” and I’m looking forward to the end of July for phase II.

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