Well, my timing sucks…..

I got my first linked article on Rockstar Finance last Friday (4/25/19)! Its amazing the amount of traffic which comes to your site when you get mentioned on it. Suddenly I had a large number of folks coming in, reading, and then reading other articles that I had wrote. Hopefully that means more regular visitors and commenters, and more folks joining the conversation.

I already added several of the commenters sites to the blogroll at the right, after reading some of their writings. Always good to expand the knowledge base.

Then what happens? I get some issues with my provider, and my site gets shut down for 2 days! Major ouch. Took me till this morning to get it all ironed out and back up on the net.

I guess you have to take the bad with the good – like last December’s crushing stock market results versus what has happened over the last four months.

At lease I’m back and able to review other folks work and post my analysis. I hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying the week.

Mr. 39 Months.

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