Well, that’s progress…..

As some of your recall, I have been working back through some health issues in 2018, and only recently got back to the level of lifting that I was at prior to those issues (huzzah!).

Well, this week I was able to finally jump to the next level on my lifting, going up in all of my exercises and increasing my weight lifted overall by about 10%! I’m now lifting more than I was when I started tracking this over 5 years ago, which is a tremendous boost for me, certainly a cause for celebration.

Health has been on the minds of many bloggers over the years, as everyone sees the benefits of FI (reduced stress, time to do the things we need to in order to improve our fitness, etc.). I typically read 1-2 posts a week from FI people that has some sort of “health focus” in it.

For Mrs. 39 Months and I, we try to eat a lower-carb diet, get plenty of vegetables and some fruit, and eat a decent amount of protein. I work out almost every day (lifting, biking, swimming) in an attempt to stay as healthy as possible. Mrs. 39 Months has some hip/leg issues (she’s had them since she was a kid) which preclude her from running, and make long-distance bike riding an issue. Still, we try and get out an move around as we move through our 50s and head towards our 60s.

It’s a good life, especially as we approach FI and can take even more time to concentrate on our health and on being together. Hopefully, you are taking care of yourself as well.

Mr. 39 Months

2 thoughts on “Well, that’s progress…..”

  1. Glad to hear you’re back to lifting and surpassing where you were 5 years ago. That’s a major feat!

    Dementia is mainly on my mind as we’ve just watched my aunt succumb to it. My mom (identical twin to my aunt) had it in the end and my father had Parkinson’s. The gene-pool isn’t great but I’m healthier, thinner, and more active than my mother was so I guess that’s something.

    1. I share the concern. My grandmother on my mother’s side ended up with Dementia, and my mother has shown signs of forgetfullness lately. I’m very concerned about it for myself. Mrs. 39 Months doesn’t seem to have that issue in her family (she had a 102 year old aunt who had all her faculties all the way to the end).

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