What does your first day of retirement look like?

What does your first day of retirement look like? Your first week? Your first month?

For many folks in the FIRE community, the journey to FI is what occupies their time. Many folks dream about life once they retire, and write about it extensively. Yet the writing and thoughts don’t seem to zero in on a lot of the details that will occupy you on day 2, or a month into retirement. There is a lot of talking of sleeping in, sipping coffee/tea, taking it easy, traveling, etc. Yet what is your life really going to look like as you move into retirement for the first year? How much time have you spend answering this question?

I’m very grateful to many of the FIRE bloggers who, having spent years writing about their work heading towards FI, have continued to write about their lives post-FI. A partial list includes:

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. When will you wake up and go to bed?
  2. What early morning rituals do you intend to engage in? Yoga/stretching, meditation, reading, writing, etc.
  3. What sort of end-of-day rituals do you intend to engage in?
  4. When will you eat? What will you eat?
  5. How will you engage with your spouse? Your family? The local community?
  6. What work/hobbies will you start doing on day 1 or 2? What later on?
  7. After you have finished with your initial “splurge” of travel (often all of year 1) what additional travel are you planning on doing? What sort of schedule per year (4X a year? 2X a year?)
  8. How will you interact with family & friends who continue to work?
  9. How will you seek out new friends and relationships?

There are obviously a host of other questions and things to consider. You should work on how you plan to live, at least for the first year. Assume you can “dial in” 50% – 75% of your initial life, but also assume that life will throw you curve balls (both in terms of issues and opportunities) that will end up taking a significant portion of your time.

You’ll often hear folks when they talk about retirement – “Don’t volunteer for too much when you first retire. You will be surprised how much of your time gets taken up.” Take some time to think about the details of your FIRE life, and you will end up having a great one.

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