Another travel hack completed

I’ve written before about how I’m a “roady” for my wife when she is doing the dulcimer thing. Well, we’ve got another trip coming up in October, down to North Carolina, which could be expensive. However, travel hacking to the rescue!

The trip will consist of a week traveling down to Tennessee (to see my family) and North Carolina (for Dulcimer). We will need air travel, a hotel (for five days), and a rental car.

  • Air: Since we know the dates well in advance, I was able to get the tickets with a minimum of air miles from our stock of American Airlines miles (Southwest doesn’t fly into Knoxville, TN, where my family is). Cost of two round-trip tickets at this time is $506 each or $1,012. For mileage, we got a deal for 12,500 miles each, or 25,000 miles. So we ended up spending roughly 25 miles per $ on this. Not as good as when we went to California last year, but not too shabby. Savings of $1,012.
  • Rental car: One week of rental, but had to use $ (not points). Used the Chase travel link to rent with Budget (mid-size car for $376.14. Will use Chase card to get the points on it.
  • Hotel: We’ve got a lot of Hilton points, so I was able to get 5-days within 10 minutes of the Dulcimer Festival for 160,000 points (40,000 per day, with 5th day free). A little pricey for the hotel, but the convenience is worth it. Total savings of $740.
  • Food, Gas, other: Couldn’t use points on these, but again, was able to use the charges on my Chase card

Similar savings to our trip last year to California, and we’ll get the opportunity to visit another national park (Smokey Mountain National Park) and see family. Not too bad.

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Next year, we are looking at going to Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. Any ideas on how I can save money on the travel hack there?

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