Dividend Account results – 2021

The dividends in my accounts returned back to a normal (or more normal) than previously. The wild stock swings of 2020 have been reduced, and while stock prices are up dramatically, company dividends have also gone up due to higher profits. The result is that my dividend results have mirrored what was done in the past.

My brokerage account is invested in a Vanguard value fund 100%, so dividends aren’t that much of an emphasis. Still the yield on that was 2.0% (up from 1.92% last year), which beat the S&P500  yield of 1.26%. Now the S&P 500 Vanguard index fund was up 28.66% for the year vs 26.49% for the value fund, so you ended up getting slightly more with the S&P. Still, I’m very happy with it.

My stretch IRA, which was built to generate dividends had a fairly good year. While the dividend yield was 3.37% (vs. 2020 4.19%) the fund grew 13.3% in addition vs. a significant drop in 2020.

Vanguard Stretch IRA
stockDetailsInvestment valueYieldDividend
CVXChevron Corp$5,867.5018.10%$265.50
HRHealthcare Realty Trust$15,820.0015.30%$605.00
KOCoca Cola Company$5,921.0011.35%$168.00
MMM3M Company$8,881.5013.33%$296.00
MRKMerck & Company$3,832.0010.18%$97.50
ORealty Income Corp$14,318.0015.83%$566.50
PFFIshares Preferred$11,631.8515.45%$449.25
SVCService Properties TR$5,340.001.80%$24.00
UMHUMH Properties Inc$30,063.0011.12%$836.00

My IRAs performed well, though my 401K still does not report dividends separately. I altered my allocation in Sep 2021 to have fewer bonds (due to low interest rates) and a smaller S&P 500 allocation, and moved that money into blue chp stocks. The result didn’t alter my dividends too much, with my yield going from 1.83% down to 1.76%, due primarily to the drop in bonds in my allocation.

DetailsInvestment valueYieldDividend
TRowePrice IRA$169,056.161.42%$2,402.78
TRowePrice Roth IRA$230,569.621.42%$3,284.58
Vanguard IRA$277,278.882.24%$6,213.63
Vanguard Roth IRA$401,800.511.77%$7,103.11

Overall, I received about 1,593 less in dividends in 2021 vs. 2020. Again, I think the change in bond allocation affected this. Right now I don’t see me changing my allocation, so I’m hopeful for some increase in dividends in 2022.

How did everyone else do with the dividends in 2020?

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