End of Year Clean up/Clean out

So with some of the extra holiday time we’ve had the last week, Mrs. 39Months and I have been working on cleaning out some items, doing some reorganization, and generally preparing for the new year.

It started right after Christmas. Mrs. 39 Months has been wanting to redo her closet for some time (she has a 5’ x 5’-6” walk in closet) and she had hit on a design that used a corner cabinet to “capture” some of the lost space that is in the back corner. The original layout had hanging rods there, but clothes got lost behind a bank of shelves on the side wall that stuck out 16” (i.e. the last 16” of her hanging rods were difficult to access).

So she got the corner cabinet as a gift from me, and we spent the next two days after Christmas clearing out and rebuilding.
• Emptying out all the clothes from the existing closet
• Demo of the existing shelving
• Fixing/adjusting the hanging rods so they’ll provide enough support (i.e. proper anchoring) as well as 2 short clothes rods and one long-clothes rod
• Building the corner cabinet and installing
• Purging the existing clothes and items and prepping to send excess to charity
• Identifying how to use the existing bins, baskets, etc. in the new closet cabinet
• Putting all the clothes back in the new closet

Turned out pretty nice

For me, the day before Christmas, I went and purged the bookshelves in my home office. As you know, I am an avid reader, and I’ve got a lot of books. I took the opportunity to clear out a lot of the history and fiction books that I have read and which have been sitting on the shelves for 10+ years. I now have three bags of books for our local library book sale. Hopefully, some other folks can get some benefit from them.

So we’re sailing into 2022 with better closet organization and lots of empty space on my bookshelves – for more books!

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Have a Happy New Year!

Mr. 39 Months

2 thoughts on “End of Year Clean up/Clean out”

  1. An organized closet is such a good feeling. Mine often starts out organized and turns into a bit of a mess within a few months. This post is a good reminder to do some tidying up.

    This past summer I cleared out my bookshelves too. I try to put a few in the stroller and drop them off at some of the little local libraries people have on their front lawns in our neighbourhood.

    1. I think organizing is an ongoing process. Unless you are a real neat freak, folks don’t tend to put things away in their exact spot before picking something else up. Typically, I get the office or closet organized, and then it slowly goes bad for a couple of months. Like you, it feels good when its done, thought

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