2 thoughts on “Great Post at Retirement Manifesto about a 94-year old couple sharing secrets to great retirement”

  1. I think part-time work is the way to go. Work longer, stay engaged (mentally and more) and have a bit of income + benefits. I hope my current employer will allow me to do in about 4-5 years. That is my hope ?? As soon as our debt is gone I suspect options are going to open up for us.

    1. Yep, I can see continuing to do “something” to keep engaged. I also think a lot of companies will show some flexibility in the years ahead, as there is an awful lot of institutional knowledge walking out the door as the baby boomers leave. In addition, they could be cheaper if they are part time. Good luck on your debts! I know a great weight was lifted off us when we paid off the mortgage and became debt free.

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