Monthly update – Sep, 2017

Keeping it rolling, only 34 months from Financial Independence!

After a great month for July (+$14,373), my August wasn’t exceptional. I started the month with $926K of invested assets (not counting savings), put $4,108 into my various accounts (401K, Roth IRA, brokerage), but ended the month at $928.6K, a 0.2% drop. For the year, all total, I am still up around 7.1%.

Bonds and REITs are up, probably because folks don’t expect the US Fed to raise rates for the rest of the year. My stock Index funds are down a bit. One of my “value” stocks that I purchased, Gilead (Stock symbol GILD) is up 10% for the month. I bought it because it was selling at a low P/E, and matched 5 of Benjamin Graham’s seven value indicators. Its up over 24% for the year, so a big win for me.

At the same time, using the same logic, I bought a lot of Tahoe enterprises (miner stock) that hit 5 of Graham’s points, and was selling below book value (i.e. the stock was less than what you’d get if you liquidated the company). So far, it’s dropped 10.6% for the year, primarily due to legal troubles. Still, the concept of value still holds, and if I have patience, it should still bounce back up (it has been on an uptick the last 2 weeks).

For September, I plan on putting my investment money into my bond mutual fund. I want to get my allocation more in line there with a 33% REITS/ 33% bonds/33% stocks plan. This will call on me to probably buy bonds each month for the rest of the year


Hope your August was fun and fulfilling!


Mr. 39 Months.

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