Saturday Linkage


  1. When can I retire? (Financial Pilgramage); good article on the author’s analysis on retiring early, Coast FI, and the reasoning behind it.
  2. Debtor’s Prison (Humble Dollar); how being in debt stifles your creativity and ability to affect your life – like you are in prison.
  3. Real Cost of Home Ownership (Clipping Chains): good analysis of the numbers in 3 parts.
  4. How to “Refire” in retirement (ESI money); Book review of “REFIRE don’t Retire” book, which discusses steps to move to a higher gear in retirement.
  5. How to RV in retirement (Retirement Manifesto); I keep threatening Mrs. 39 Months that we’ll RV upon retirement – and she is not having it.
  6. When to Quit (City Frugal); Why do people not quit, and how to make that final decision
  7. Are you trapped? (Full time finance); Good article discussing the issues where you have started in one direction, and the things which affect decisions to move forward or step away.
  8. History of Financial Independence (Get Rich Slowly); Nice rundown of the history of the movement – its older than you think
  9. Quitting my job during a Pandemic was a win (Budget life list); actually it was more of a job change than retiring early
  10. Three reasons why the stock market is doing well while unemployment is high (Simple Dollar)
  11. Nine Symptoms of unhealthy relationship with money (Physician on Fire); I think most folks in the community have managed to avoid these.

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