Saturday Linkage

Oct 24, 2020

Sorry it’s a day late – Mrs. 39 Months and I went out to look at fall foliage and just got back. Enjoy!

  1. Retiring at 27? Try house hacking (Mr. Money Moustache).  A lot of benefits to starting early with this.
  2. To 5 Tips to becoming an Extreme Early Retirement Expert (Early Retirement Extreme); Not all of them are what you expect.
  3. When does refinancing into a 15-year mortgage make sense? (Simple Dollar); We did this, refinancing to a 20-year, then a 15-year, then a 10-year mortgage before paying it off. In each instance, we drop about 1.5% on the interest rate.
  4. Five situations it would pay to have travel insurance (Tipid Tips); Wish we’d done that this year
  5. How much money do you need to never work again? (Life outside the maze). Ah, the eternal FI question.
  6. Puttering around the house (just baggage enough); sometimes its fun just doing nothing…
  7. Why buy bonds now (Dollars and data): Not paying much – just need to have some guaranteed income better than a CD
  8. The Financial Benefits of Exercise (budget life list); Estimate of $500 worth of medical expenditures for exercising
  9. A list of personal finance events and conferences (Get rich slowly) For when this pandemic craziness ends. /
  10. Cannonball run! (the retirement manifesto); Big road trip!
  11. How early retirement impacts social security benefits (retire by 40): An important aspect that we didn’t realize until we met with our financial advisor. Depending on when you “walk away” It could have a major impact.

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