Saturday Linkage

Dec 26, 2020

  1. Why I joined, then left, the FIRE movement (The financial diet); The writer has several thoughts on militant folks and FI, but I believe she misunderstands most of the folks in it.
  2. Ten ways to lower your taxes (physician on fire); Many to get done before the end of the year.
  3. Top 5 reasons to retire with less than 25 years of expenses (passive income); The key point here is that you can alter your income (i.e. earn more) and your expenses.
  4. Cash-on-Cash return – the most important calculation in investing (the physician philosopher); Simple method and lets you see effects of different investing options.
  5. Too Thrifty? (Humble Dollar); “You shouldn’t live life always thinking about your future self.”
  6. The journey to one million (banker on fire); Lessons learned along the way
  7. Is successful investing about good luck or hard work (mindfully investing);
  8. Measure Twice, Cut Once (A reader’s story) (the retirement manifesto); Breakdown of a couple’s plans for retirement in 2024, with spending, income, and emotional health comments. Good read!
  9. Your Lifestyle has already been designed (raptitude); Interesting article on how your lifestyle is pushed by marketing and sales professionals. /
  10. Merry, Bright and On Budget (Budget Life List); Story of staying on budget for Christmas shopping
  11. Be Happy as you Want to be (My tipid Tips); Good message for the holiday season

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