Saturday Linkage:


  1. 33 Invaluable Travel Hacks From Experienced Jet-Setters (Inside Hook); Time to get back out there!  
  2. Could You Live on Half Your Income if it Would Make You Free? (Financial success); Most of us in the FI community are already saving 50% of our money, so this could work.
  3. TikTok is not a fiduciary! A cautionary tale (Surviving and Thriving); Whoever takes advice from TikTok or anyone else online without researching it – gets what they paid for!
  4. 33 Ways To Simplify Your Life (And Be Happier For It) (Mr. Porter); Some good ideas
  5. How to Stop Letting the 24 Hour News Cycle Control Your Life (Steve Adcock ); The news lives to “alarm you” and sells that way. I’ve been on a news diet for almost a year now.
  6. When Should You Self-Insure? (Can I retire yet?) Our last life insurance policy is due to lapse in November of this year. Since we’ve hit FI, we’re letting it drop. h
  7. Inflation Basics (White Coat Investor); Its here already
  8. Time Freedom: Choosing How to Spend Your Time (One Frugal Girl); As you get older, time becomes even more valuable.
  9. Your % Savings Rate is the Most Important Number (The Escape Artist); How high is yours?
  10. Invest Now or Wait? (Aussie Doc Freedom); I’m always on the side of investing now.
  11. Why the 4% Rule Doesn’t Work for Early Retirement (FIRE) (Cash Flows and Portfolios) I still think it works for those of us who’ve achieved FI in our 50s.

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