Saturday Linkage:


  1. 9 Things to Think About When You’re Waiting (Art of Manliness) I really like this article and its ideas. Need to use them when I’m impatient.
  2. Weekly Points: Southwest Calendar Extended, Should You Tip Housekeeping, Three Cards To Never Close and More! (Travel miles 101); Weekly tips, now that we are all starting to get out.
  3. 3 Credit Cards We’ll Never Close (Mile Value); Three different writes give their opinions
  4. Turning 50, Part 2: Rethinking The Years Ahead (Costa Rica FIRE) Another blogger who is pretty close to my situation, so I enjoy reading their work /
  5. The Great Resignation Is Here, and It’s Real (; I’ve been hearing a lot about this lately.
  6. Ten Keys to Making a Sucky Job Less Sucky (Freedom is Groovy); Ways to improve your job, instead of joining the Great Resignation
  7. Retirees Likely to Receive Significant Bump in Social Security Benefits in 2022 (Kiplingers) I am always suspicious about an organization (US Govt) that both determines the inflation rate, and the increase in social security. I think Inflation has been higher than the increases for years now, especially when you consider health care costs.
  8. Why I’m Living on Leftovers (Budget Life List); I love leftovers.
  9. The Crashes That Nobody’s Talking About (Irrelevant Investor) The top 25 Stocks of the S&P are responsible for 55% of the gains, and a lot of S&P stocks are getting hammered in 2021.
  10. The negligence that led me to DIY investing (JL Collins) I ended up going DIY about 10 years ago, after tracking my own performance vs my advisor – and beating him every year for a decade by 1% -2% each year.
  11. Little Free Libraries (Reflections around the Campfire); A cute idea

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