Saturday Linkage:


  1. Do The Weird Things Now Because One Day You Won’t Be Able To (Financial Panther); Its always a balance between spending now vs. saving for the future.
  2. Why Buying the Dip is a Terrible Investment Strategy (Dollars and Data); Hard to figure out whre the “dip” is and time getting back in.
  3. Buying NEW Cars with Financing (Miranda Marquit); We’ve always financed, but paid it off in advance. We finally have enough resources to pay them off with cash now.
  4. 10 ways to increase your income (Alan Donegan) Standard advice to increase your income as a way to help achieve FI.
  5. Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired (Vox);
  6. The Case for Renting (PWL Capital); With the tax reform of 2017, it does make more sense to rent at times – – provided you invest the extra money you get out of it!
  7. Income for Sale (Humble Dollar) The case for delaying your social security date to the age of 70. 
  8. Dear Wife, Here’s How to FIRE If I Die Early (budgets are sexy) Need to shoot this to Mrs. 39 Months
  9. Should I Take A Mini-Retirement or Stick It Out? (Financial Mechanic); I’m dealing with this right now
  10. How long can I (should I) keep this job if they’ll keep me? (Her every cent counts); Similar to #9 above
  11. Making the transition to early retirement: Our 5 year plan (Rich Frugal Life)

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