Saturday Linkage:


  1. Five Learnings from Five Years in Retirement (ESI Money); Basically, Retirement is Awesome
  2. Compassion for the Homeless Is Cruelty for the Working Class – Part I (Freedom is Groovy); Its sad but true.
  3. So You Want to be a Whitewater Raft Guide (Go Curry Cracker) I think I could have done this when I was younger
  4. What advice I would give my 23-year-old self (Retire by 40); I think everyone considers this at numerous times in their life
  5. The Pursuit of Childhood Joy (Retirement Manifesto); What I’m hoping to pursue for decades after I retire
  6. What Is POS vs PPO Health Insurance? The Costs And Benefits (Financial Samurai) We’ve always preferred the flexibility of a PPO
  7. A Financial Minimalist: Fiscally Slim & Trim (Budget Life List) Simplifying to reach FI
  8. What If Congress Bans Backdoor Roth and Mega Backdoor Roth? (The Finaance Buff); With the deficit spending going on in the US, I think its only a matter of time before this ends.
  9. How Does Retiring Early Impact Social Security Benefits? (Can I retire yet); This was a bit of a shock to me 3 years ago. I thought the SSN statement was gospel, but if assumes you’ll keep working at your current salary till full retirement age.
  10. Why Freedom can be Scary (Millenial Revolution) I always tell my students that being an adult is awesome!
  11. Highest Ever Chase Sapphire Preferred® Bonus & Featured Travel Offers. Editor’s Ratings and Credit Card Applications (Card Ratings)

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