Saturday Linkage:


  1. The Forces Shaping Retirement in the 2020s (Kiplingers) includes topic like entitlement programs and flexible work in retirement
  2. Podcast: Do you want to be Rich or Wealthy (Art of Manliness) Why the difference matters
  3. The Best U.S. Dividend ETFs (Cash Flows & Portfolios) Good list
  4. Nobody Wants Cash Flow (The Irrelevant Investor) When money costs nothing
  5. Your First Rental Property (Get Rich Slowly) Some excellent tips when starting out
  6. Social Security Cost Of Living Adjustments: Too High For Our Own Good (Financial Samurai) But there are no signs of long-term inflation?
  7. My Evaluation of a Powerful New Retirement Tool: RISA (The Retirement Manifesto) Good evaluation of the “Retirement Income System Awareness” Assessment
  8. Getting a Mortgage Without a Job (Go Curry Cracker); It can be difficult at times for retired folks
  9. The New Retirementality, Retirement Failure and What Makes a Successful Retirement (ESI Money) Beginning of a new series on a book about your mental state in retirement
  10. 5 Sacrifices We Made In Our 20s To Be FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT In Our 30s (The Humble Penny) Nice story, but very frugal folks
  11. 10 Ways To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others & Love Who You Are (Making sense of cents) Envy is one of the seven deadly sins

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