Saturday Linkage:


  1. 25 Free Things To Do This Weekend (My Money Chronicles) Nice list
  2. The Art of Not Taking Things Personally (medium.dave) This is one of my major failings
  3. Americans Are Overworked And Over Work (Buzz Feed) The great resignation hits home
  4. What makes a job meaningful? (Brookings) Along the same line as above – I think a lot of folks are asking this question
  5. Time Heals Wounds (Humble Dollar); Investing over the long haul can help reduce the effects of a drop. Just give it time!
  6. Downsizing In Retirement: Any Regrets? (Can I retire yet?) I don’t know how much we’ll do this – Mrs. 39 Months is a bit of a pack rat
  7. The 60/40 portfolio: what the warning signs are telling us (Monevator) It may be underpowered for the long haul.
  8. When Do You Finally Feel Rich? It’s Not Always About The Money (Financial Samurai) Some deep and not-so-deep thoughts on the subject
  9. Only Focus on What You Can Control (Second Gen Finance) The true idea behind Stoicism
  10. A One Car Family (The Moneyaires) It can be done
  11. Worth vs. Worth It: Homeownership (Grumpus Maximus) “Owning brings certain loss. Renting guarantees it.”

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