Saturday Linkage:

Sorry I wasn’t able to do the Saturday linkage last week. Got tied up and ran out of time.


  1. Workers: Expect Higher Salaries and More Perks in 2022: (Kiplingers) The Great Resignation and Inflation are having an effect
  2. A Place for Everything (Including Certain Kinds of Work) (Art of Manliness)
  3. The Only 3 Expenses that Matter for Saving Serious Cash (Mr. Money Wizard) Housing, Transportation & Food. Still the bigger one is taxes!
  4. Lessons learned from 3 years outside the Maze (Life outside the maze) Good stories
  5. 60 Life List Ideas: An Adventurous Listicle (Budget Life List) Some ideas I might have to take up
  6. Even Zillow Can’t Trust Its Zestimates: How To Profit From Its Mistake (Financial Samurai) I want to invest in real estate, but the market is just too crazy
  7. How Much Time I Spend Managing Our Money (the Retirement Manifesto); Try to automate as much as possible
  8. 7 Ways to Reduce Money-Related Stress (Steve Adcock) As you approach FI, the stress will drop off.
  9. Aren’t You Bored in Retirement? (Route to Retire); Don’t retire away from something, retire to something
  10. The New Retirementality, Working in Retirement (ESI Money); My intention is to work to keep occupied and interested
  11. How to Protect Your Retirement from a Market Downturn (Kiplingers) Focus on your risk, have some “buffer” money in savings, and don’t make decisions based on emotions  

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