Saturday Linkage:


  1. What’s your Why? (Tic Toc Life); Why pursue financial independence?
  2. Where Americans find meaning in life has changed over the past four years (Pew Research) Various ways that people seek meaning in life
  3. Ten 5-Minute Money Actions to Help Your Finances (Becoming Minimalist) Some basic, some inventive
  4. The Most Important Decision in Life (Of Dollars and Data) Your relationships will force so many of your financial decisions, so choose wisely
  5. No Such Thing as Enough Money (Incognito Money) One of the keys to happiness is to be satisfied with what you have. Envy really is one of the deadly sins.
  6. Happiness is pretty simple (5am Joel); Very simple
  7. Early Retirement Paycheck Ruminations (Freddy Smidlap); A discussion of some of the variety of ways and needs for a retirement paycheck 
  8. How much money do you really need to live off dividends? (Mr Free at 33); I just haven’t seen a way to do this.
  9. Does inflation matter if you’re frugal? (Government Worker FI); Yes, yes it does!
  10. Fire Movement: The Uncomfortable Truth (Geny Money)
  11. Should We Eat the Rich? Wealth Taxes and Inequality (Bravely Go). Wealth taxes are a horrible idea, and have caused the downfall of so many civilizations over time.

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