Saturday Linkage:


  1. Weekly Points: Highest Rakuten Bonus Ever, What Are Your Points Worth, Black Friday Sale To Hawaii and More! (Travel 101) Time to get out there!
  2. Four Ways To Use The ‘Great Resignation’ To Jumpstart Your FIRE Goals (Costa Rica Fire) Some good ideas on how to help move towards FIRE in these times
  3. Lack of intrinsic motivation will destroy your early retirement (Early Retirement Extreme) Excellent advice from one of the “old dogs” of FIRE
  4. Using Scraps (Paul Sellers) One of the curses of woodworking is we generate a lot of “offcuts” of wood that we don’t want to waste – but they build up!
  5. Nine ways to become more Courageous (Art of Manliness) Sound advice for everyone
  6. Life is a Positive Sum Game (the Escape Artist) Positive article about spreading the good news of FI
  7. Lessons Learned from 3 years Outside the Maze (Life Outside the Maze) It would be interesting to see a comparison of folks who did FIRE 2-3 years before Covid and the ones who did FIRE right as Covid hit.
  8. Dealing with Uncertainty in Retirement Calculations (Can I retire yet?) One of the issues all FI folks deal with in their journey
  9. So you wanna be a Stock Picker (The Irrelevant Investor) History has shown that I suck at picking stocks
  10. Are Bonds Done? (JL Collins) In the current environment, I think they are.
  11. A Prayer of Thanksgiving (Get Rich Slowly)

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