Saturday Linkage:


  1. Earn 2500 per stay with Hilton’s latest promo (Monkey Miles) As the travel miles 101 folks say “Taking advantage of promotions on hotel stays you were planning anyway is an awesome way to earn more points”  
  2. Top Of The ARKK To You (Impersonal Finance). Investing in something at the top, then watching it plummet down!
  3. Thinking Of Owning An AirBNB Vacation Rental? (Costa Rica Fire); Some good points
  4. In my Workspace (Paul Sellers) A nice view of a long-term woodworkers workspace over the years
  5. 15 Best Things to Buy at Dollar Stores (Including Dollar Tree) for the Holidays (Kiplingers)
  6. What to Do If Your Tongue Gets Stuck to a Flagpole (Art of Manliness) Critical information for this time of year
  7. 98 Days – 14 weeks to go (Just Baggage Enough) Another countdown goes into double-digits.
  8. How Much is Enough? (Can I retire yet) The eternal question – and a very personal one
  9. Is it Possible to Retire at 32 with a $1M Portfolio? (Cash Flows and Portfolios) I’d be hesitant. A lot depends on where you want to retire to
  10. Cheerfully Cheap Ways to Save During the Holidays (Budget Life List) Don’t scrimp, but make sure you can afford it!
  11. All 63 US National Parks ranked by experts 2021 (More than just parks); For those looking to get out

2 thoughts on “Saturday Linkage:”

  1. Haha thanks for spreading my tale of misery!

    I think I’ve moved the goalposts on my FIRE number so I definitely wouldn’t be comfortable with $1 million at 32–but that would have been a nice problem to have!

    1. Yep. We’ve hit “FI” but I’m still working. With the Chinese Flu, there isn’t really that much traveling to do, so I might as well let them keep paying me. Current plan for me is to work till last spring 2023, then I’ll take some time off.

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